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Spiritual Tools for Healing and Self-Care

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

There has been such a beautiful outpouring of free resources over the past week being made available to us as connected humans throughout the globe.  Assisting each other as we navigate through these shifts is part of our soul calling.  On a soul level, we signed up to be on earth for this time of  planetary soul expansion and we have come to hold the light!  I wanted to share some links that I am using for my own energetic, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. There are of course limitless links being shared and all that matters is that we understand we are here to support and care for one another and that we are not alone. What a blessing that we have the internet to remain connected! I am sending an infinite amount of love to anyone who reads this and hope that it finds exactly who needs this information.

Much love,



MCKS Pranic Healing Meditation Links:

Urgent Meditation to Bless the Earth

Strengthening the Respiratory System

Master Co

Master Hector Ramos

Master Marilag


Chakradance 15 Minute Daily Practice


Birkan Tore


Molly McCord Astrology Podcasts


No Regrets Podcast with Kate


Tired of Thinking About Drinking Sober Podcasts with Belle Robertson


Matt Kahn Podcasts and Facebook Page


Yoga Studio App


Hay House Free Resources






International House of Reiki


Daily Om Courses


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