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Pregnant Pause

Listening to the calls of the Universe can in one moment catapult us into creative musings and planning and then without even a warning, that activity can halt leaving us second guessing our focus and trajectory.

That is exactly the state I'm presently in. After a flurry of initial contacts and interest as well as website building and other technical detail oriented projects, I've fallen into a place of waiting and stillness. With that said, there is a deep sense of relief in being given a pause. I'm being given a moment to gestate regarding what it really is I'm hoping to accomplish and to hone my actual skills so that my true authenticity shines through. This is actually a very sacred time to simply sit in the energy of what I've begun co-creating with the divine. To sit and listen and fine tune the details that come in the quiet reflections and meditations. A period to authentically hear from source what steps need to be taken rather than simply implementing unplanned action in hopes of achieving a result.  A time to llisten to my own inner promptings and not choosing to act upon those around me who are wanting to assist but are simply tests of my higher soul to see if I am willing to stand strong in my own convictions and visions of the symbolic child I am growing inside of me.

I also interpret times like these as being told to hold my dreams and plans safe inside. To wait to share them with others not necessarily out of fear but more out of respect of allowing them to incubate and strengthen before literally allowing them to hatch. I am always hesitant to force manifestation visions because if something isn't being presented with clarity and strength organically, it indicates to me that there is something that is beyond my spectrum of understanding at this point and to visualize anything less would not be in the interest of my highest good and purpose.

So for any of you that also feel you are in a holding pattern, take heart and know that it is a blessing and an essential part of the manifesting process. Allow yourself rest and self care because once the idea is fully formed and birthed, the physical outer work will begin and there will no longer be as much time for this sweet reflective respite.

Infinite love and gratitude and as one of my favorite authors, Liz Gilbert, always signs her musings with, onwards.

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