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New Moon in Cancer

I can't believe it's been two years since I've posted something new here. The truth is I've very much been in the energy of what this Cancer Moon is bringing us. I have truly felt the need to withdraw into my nest surrendering to self care, healing, and exploration. Like you, I can reflect on all that I've processed since the Covid lockdown shifted our routines and in many cases, our priorities. When any of us begins to tally all that we've confronted, endured, observed, healed, neglected, released and ultimately processed, I think it's really important to celebrate and commend the new versions that have emerged from some extraordinary and prolonged deep soul work. There is not one of us left untouched by some type of transformation and I truly believe the majority of us have ascended from the cave a better person than we were before.

This new moon is saying, "Take care of yourself in the most loving way possible. Recharge by making you the priority and sink into the pleasures of receiving. Let Mother God nurture you and fall into her loving and renewing arms. You are worthy of being held."

At the same time, Jupiter in Aries is trying to pull us outward so there's a bit of a mental conundrum but try and let go of the "have to's" and sink into the "want to's".

Isis sends the message of Abundance of Sothis to us during this fertile moon phase. Sending many tender blessings of self care and seeds of prosperity to you all.



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