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Chakradance™* is a Movement Therapy Modality.  It’s using the fluidity of dance and power of music and visualization to move stagnant energy in the body while helping restore it to a natural and balanced state.  


We use guided meditations set to specifically composed music resonant with the chakras and spontaneous dance in a dim, energetically safe space held and led by a Certified Chakradance Instructor. We dance with our eyes gently closed to connect more deeply to our inner being. The dance is followed immediately by pouring what we received into a mandala to physicalize the experience. We begin  and end with short meditations to enter the space and integrate the dance experience before leaving the class.


This well being practice created by Natalie Southgate is rooted in Jungian psychology. It is easily combined with daily meditation practices already in place.  I’ve found that journaling in addition to the dance and mandala work has proved insightful and provided clarity and significant “Aha!” moments in my life.


Chakradance™ completely shifted my meditation and energetic healing practice. Because of this resonance within my own life, it was clear my purpose was to become a facilitator and simply create a safe and healing space to share this modality with others.  As we know, energy work that is done in a group setting carries a strong, collective vibration for the good of all. I hope you are guided to try Chakradance™ for yourself and see if it, too, aligns with your soul.


For more information please visit or contact me, Angela, for any questions. I hope you join us!



*CHAKRADANCE™ is designed for participants 16 years of age and older and is not suitable for children.  Please check out Chakradance Kids which is an equivalent modality created for young children. 


*CHAKRADANCE ™ is based upon the basic 7 chakras and their corresponding colors. 


I am available for workshops, retreats, and one on one sessions or classes.

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