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Chakradance™ classes are normally taught in 9 week segments to explore the chakra system beginning at the basic chakra and working our way up to the crown and integrating all 7 chakras during the last class. The formatting of the classes are all the same.  We begin with a short meditation in our circle, have a brief discussion of the week's highlighted chakra and then move into our warm-up and main dance with lowered lights, specifically composed music and eyes closed to go deeply into the guided dance and meditation journey.  Afterwards, we quietly return to the circle where we pour our experience into a mandala art exercise to physicalize the dance.  We close with an integration meditation.

Chakradance can also be run as a workshop and there is a glorious full day or a 2 half-day workshop focused on the basic chakra called, "Reboot Your Basic Chakra" which includes many more dances, visualization and journaling exercises. 

I have recently run new and full moon Chakradance circles coordinating our dance of the week with the appropriate moon and dancing the relevant chakra.  It's a beautiful way to really tap into the current astrological influences and really work with them for deep healing.

I am always available to run segments for workshops that can be as short as 15 minutes or run for a full 2 hour segment.  

Chakradance is such a beautiful addition to any daily practice no matter what yours may be.

Please contact me with any questions or requests.  I am always eager to help bring this gorgeous modality into people's lives!

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