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Our Base Chakra is directly linked to how we are anchored in our physical world.  This includes the structural health of our bodies, our financial security, how safe we feel, our connection to our ancestors and primal survival instincts.  This is our power source from Mother Earth.

To say our health and security have been tested throughout this year is a grand understatement.  Even if we have experienced welcome change or sudden and forced soul growth, we have all had our root chakras shaken up in one way or another.

Covid-19 has presented an opportunity to rethink alternatives to in person Chakradance classes. Thankfully, Natalie, the founder, has given us an opportunity to offer a Reboot Your Base Chakra eCourse as an alternative to a live class. First and foremost, we will offer a FREE REBOOT GIFT PACK that includes a base chakra evaluation, base meditation and dance and an eBook by Natalie Southgate. It is a fabulous way to reconnect to a sense of groundedness and get out of our heads and back into our bodies.

E-Mail me at for the FREE gift pack.

If you feel called to go deeper, I’m really excited to share that I’m facilitating an e-course. It’s over ten days, starting on 11/11/2020. The material will be presented as mp3 downloads cued by Natalie that you will be able to do at your own pace and whenever it best fits into your daily schedule. This course will give us an opportunity to heal and ground even more. We’re going to work with the mantra of the base chakra. We’re going to call in our shamanic power animal. We’ll be doing more grounding exercises. We will connect together in a Facebook group throughout where I will be there for any support you need and hold a private space to connect with other like minded souls. If the gift pack sparks a desire to go even deeper, then you can sign up for the full 10 Day Online Course I'll be offering for $53 beginning November 11, 2020.  If not, there is absolutely no obligation and the gifts are, of course, for you to keep.

So if you feel called and it resonates, I would love for you to join me on this course. Just email me and let me know. If not, enjoy the gift-pack. Really use it. Really experience this sense of aliveness, this sense of energy that we get when we come into the base chakra. This is a course I find myself returning to again and again especially when I feel anxious or unable to move forward with something in my life.  I hope it becomes a tool you can use too. 

With Love,


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