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Chakradance: Feeling the Fear and Doing it Anyway

It’s hard to explain the feeling of purpose and knowing that has come over me since downloading my first course with Natalie in 2018. It’s similar to everyone’s spiritual journey stories; a feeling of a deep, resounding, “Yes” that sits within the heart and the peace about moving forward. A true feeling of alignment.

For the past 11 years, I've been quite cognizant of my inner voice and it’s calling to me. I know without a doubt it is my higher soul, urging me to get on with my soul business as life in this body is not waiting! I feel like that’s what I have done a lot of, however. Waiting. Delaying. Making Excuses. For the right time, until summer, when the holidays are over, when I stop drinking, when I get back in shape… All just the cunning tactics of the wolfie voice inside of our heads sprinkling fear and creating delay tactics so we don’t rejoin the joy and freedom of connecting to our authentic selves.

I’ve found writing is extremely healing and helpful for me and by beginning this new chapter of my life with Chakradance, I’m also creating this blog to hold me accountable to myself and my need to continue to grow spiritually and fulfill and discover the roles and lessons fate has in store for me. My belief is we each made a soul agreement not only with ourselves but our loved ones and everyone on this planet before entering in this human form. We understood there would be a veil of forgetfulness and so one of the main lessons while we are here is to remember who we truly are and that is that we are One. One with all, one with God. We are the Divine incarnate.  We have come to do some incredible work!

I have found that by dancing and doing energy healing on myself during my daily practice, I have literally moved in a new direction in life. I believe our lives should be interwoven with different philosophies and practices and modalities and that like a vitamin cocktail, we are constantly striving to find the best combination suited specifically for us. For example, I also combine Pranic Healing and Magnified Healing into my morning routine because they resonate to what I need in my holistic spiritual practice. There is no one size fits all. What I believe is important is that we share those tools that do work for us, not with expectation or an off-putting proselytizing but to plant seeds that may help lead others to what ultimately guides them to peace and happiness. By doing so, we also open ourselves up to new experiences and knowledge from others who are our teachers as well.

So my hope is that by facilitating Chakradance classes, I will somehow pay it forward and fulfill some of my dharma by introducing it to the people who will add it as a spiritual tool or simply receive the healing they need by being in the midst of the collective energy of the class. All I know is, I have not felt such convicted purpose since becoming a mother 24 years ago. There are great things to come and I look forward to writing my honest insights, joys, struggles, and encouragement along the way. I want this space to be a place to share and hold each other up with love and collective purpose. I hold the vision that all of us find and live our bliss and know that there is energetic support wherever we turn. I am filled with gratitude and am so excited about what this year and the following holds for me and all of us. Blessings be to all. 


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